Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wallpaper Nightmares Soothed

We have been working on our house lately.  Trying to update it and remodel it.  The downstairs bathroom and one bedroom were the worst offenders left. 

Cutesy pie seashell wallpaper border with matching stripes from the 80's and brass trim everywhere.

Another whole room of 80's wallpaper....complete with chair rail.

 Both rooms were completely covered with dated wallpaper that was stuck to the walls with industrial superpower glue!  We tried all of the best tricks to removing it.  But it only came off it tiny little strips.  I worked for 2 hours and only got 2 square feet of clear wall.

 We finally decided to rent a wallpaper steamer and see if that would work better.  Thank Goodness For Wallpaper Steamers!

It worked a miracle!  Instead of getting a square foot done in a few hours, we got the whole room done in one evening!  The next morning, we did the bathroom.  At only $33 for 24 hours, it was well worth it!

Sadly, the wallpaper was covering secret pitiful repairs to drywall.  We have since repaired that drywall appropriately and sanded it down to a smooth finish!

Now to decide on paint colors!!!  


  1. Oh so much work. Looking forward to the after shots.

  2. I will definitely post the after shots when we are done!


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