Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A bit of this and that!

Life has been going along!  I have been slow to blog, so I thought I would update a bit of this and that in picture form.

One morning, a few weeks ago, I looked out the window and what did I see?

"Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!!!"  The sun came over the mountain and you could literally watch the blooms pop as the sunlight hit each branch of the tree!

Spring finally came to Utah.  The apricot tree bloomed!  Last year we didn't get any blooms.  Not one single one.  Because there was a HARD freeze right before they were ready to bloom.  And no blooms means no apricots.  But this year?  We might have 56,478 apricots!  No kidding!

And we'll make a bunch more of this!!!  

Spring also bring weddings!  Our niece got married in one of the rooms of the old Ogden Railway Station. 

It is a museum now, but you could almost see and feel the bustle of people from yesteryear.  A crowded place filled with soldiers coming home from the army, or men dressed in suits going off to meetings in Salt Lake City, or whole families heading off to a new home or destination, their luggage piled around them.

I wanted to sit right down here and wait anxiously for someone!

I made homemade noodles for my homemade chicken soup when I got a nasty spring cold!

It was delicious.  And I DID get better.  So I think it worked!

I started a new project for the windows of my bedroom.....more on that later.

I moved all my art supplies into a room of their own.  So now I have a dedicated space for my art.....if only I could dedicate myself to doing it!!!

Started preparing ground for a garden....this time in the backyard!  We think we are going to sod over the front yard garden.....because who wants the neighbors to know when you haven't pulled weeds?

The mock apple tree bloomed.  (It's not exactly a crab apple---the apples come out medium sized and not round like crab apples.)  

We keep thinking we will chop it down because it is in an awkward space....but when something produces a bloom THIS beautiful?  How can you get rid of it?  

And the mint is just starting to peak out of the ground!  Can't wait for summer mint lemonade!

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