Monday, April 30, 2012

Zion's National Park!

It was our anniversary.  So Scott and I took our motor home, left all our children home, and went to Zion's!

Neither of us had ever been to Zion's.  Little did we know what lay in store for us!

The geologic world just became more and more interesting...and then we were there!

Words and photos just can't describe the beauty!  The overwhelming presence of this canyon with it's red rock rising to the sky on either side of you!  It was a spiritual experience.

Our necks got sore from looking up!  

But the floor of the canyon also held many pleasant surprises!

We met lots of critters!  A few we were able to photograph:

We had a bit of fun....


We started on an easy hike......

But then got brave and went the whole way up!

Boy were we tired when we reached the "Upper Emerald Pool!"  But we felt very accomplished!  

We took an different, longer trail down and were very proud of ourselves.  But even more than that, we were profoundly affected by the immensity and beauty of Zion's.  I would go back.  Time and time again.  It was THAT amazing!

(More on other things we did on our trip---I'll post them later this week---here are some hints:)


  1. We did indeed have fun!!! And I really can't get over how beautiful it was!


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