Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visiting Some Relatives II: My Savage Nature

As Scott and I took an exit off the freeway to go towards Zion's National Park, we came to a little town called Toquerville.  I knew I needed to stop at their cemetery, too....

Meet Levi Savage.  He is my Great-great-great-grandfather.  I have had and read a copy of his journal since I was a girl.  I've heard stories of his life since I was very small.  I even did a report on him in high school.

He's one of my famous relatives!  He is so cool that they made a movie about him recently.  (Okay, it's not JUST about him)  It's called "17 Miracles."  A good movie.  Watch the trailer!

It was strange to me that nothing was mentioned on his gravestone about being part of the handcart companies.  But it did mention he was part of the Mormon Battalion.  And there was even another special medallion on the ground signifying his service there.  Maybe he wanted it that way.

It was a beautiful cemetery.  Lonely.  Peaceful.  Sacred.  I love cemeteries.  And ancestors.


  1. We loved the movie. Gave a copy of it to Laura for Christmas.

  2. I still need to buy and give copies to my children. We did all go to see it together, though.


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