Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Visiting Some Relatives

Last week when we went to visit Zion's National Park, we also decided to visit some of my ancestors.  They live just off the freeway.

Meet Margaret Elizabeth Nichols Pace.  She is my Great-great-great-grandmother.  She was born on May 30, 1808 in Logan, Kentucky. She married William Franklin Pace in Double Springs, Rutherford County, Tennessee in October of 1828.  

It was here in Tennessee that they joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They left the graves of three of their children and traveled to join the Saints in Nauvoo.  Their first child, James Byron Pace, died at age 2 and is buried in Tennessee.  And their 5th and 6th children--Geanvilla M (a girl) and Granville Madison Pace (a boy,) who were twins, also died young at age 3 on May 8th (today, my birthday), and were buried in Tennessee.  

The Pace family followed the Saints to Salt Lake City. Then they got called to help establish Spanish Fork, UT, where William Pace was the first bishop. Later, they were called to go further south to help establish Fort Harmony.  The fort eventually turned into New Harmony, UT.  Which is where I went to visit them.

Wilson Daniel Pace was the second child of William and Elizabeth.  He would marry his second wife, Elizabeth Lee (remember her last name) in Salt Lake City.  

Wilson Daniel Pace

Elizabeth Lee

They would settle, along with the rest of his extended family and some of hers, in New Harmony, Utah.   Their first child, Franklin Daniel Pace, would die there at 3 months old.  I found his little grave: 

Their second child would be named James Byrum Pace.  (His name is a version of his Tennessee uncle who died at age 2.) He would become my great-grandfather and marry Adeline Savage (remember her name, too.)  All in all, 8 more children would be born and live successfully in New Harmony before the family moved further south to Nutrioso, Arizona. Three more children would be born in Nutrioso, bringing the total to 12 children!

Other Pace relatives would stay in New Harmony and many of their graves are there.  

I couldn't help but notice the view my ancestors would wake up to every morning.  Kolob Canyon--part of Zion's National Park now.

We will visit two more grave sites on our trip.  Different locales. But they will all converge in my family tree.  Stay tuned for their stories.  ; )

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