Friday, June 8, 2012

Sugarless, pectin-free strawberry jam

Okay, so this recipe isn't devoid of all sugars.  Just refined sugar.  I used honey, instead.  Which is expensive.  But if you are trying to avoid refined sugar---then maybe it is worth a try.  And if your father-in-law knows a professional beekeeper?  Well, you might also be in luck!  And since this recipe has no expensive store-bought pectin---well, the cost comes out about even!

In a large pot, cut up two large baskets of strawberries and one shredded apple--with the peel left on.

Add 1 1/2 cups of honey and the juice of one lemon.

Boil and stir.

 Stir and boil.  For 30-60 minutes, until your jam is running thick on a cold plate.  (Put a plate in the freezer, when you think your jam is thick enough, spoon a little bit on the cold plate and hold it vertical--if the jam drips slowly and seems somewhat jelled, you are done.)

Fill jars (and process like for regular jam if you want to.)  I knew we would eat this jam up this summer, so I just put my jars in the refrigerator.

This jam is very tart and has a lovely texture.  What I like best is that it required NO PECTIN.  Apples have lots of natural pectin and so allow the jam to set.  Also I love that there is no refined sugar.  


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