Monday, December 10, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa's Workshop!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  

The tree is up and decorated!  I LOVE flocked trees!  SO glad we found a place that still does them.  (And sells them cheaply!  Baum's Christmas Trees in Provo, UT.)

The windmill nativity is put together.  With the lovely candles I made last year!

Mr. and Mrs. 1960s Plastic Mice have come out to play.  (I used to think these were SO VERY TACKY, but now I just love them!)

My favorite Russian toys are once again ready to be played with!

And Little Tomten can be seen all over the house getting ready to play tricks on us!

But this year, something else is in the works!

Little people and little things are being collected.....

Grand plans are being made.

Lumber is bought!

Plans Revised.

And piles of sawdust are being swept up in the garage.

Tee hee hee!  Santa's Workshop is well underway.  Stay Tuned!

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