Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Santa brought for Charlie!

Last night we went to visit my daughter.  She and her husband and my two grandchildren live in a modest little apartment down the hill from us.  Someone at their house (Santa Claus) has been busy making Charlie a surprise for Christmas.  

What could it be?!!?

It's very large.  (Baby Henry alongside for size comparison.)

I guess you will have to unwrap it and see!

Charlie got to open his present early!

It took a lot of work to get all the wrapping off!


My son-in-law, Ches, Um.  Santa Claus...has beautifully created a fun loft bed for Charlie!  It has safe turning stairs (not a ladder) and reinforced supports and railing and everything!  They got plans for the bed online at a wonderful DIY website called Ana White.  

Charlie absolutely LOVES it!

So now he has an official "big boy" bed, complete with a spacecraft comforter (that glows in the dark!) and the moon and stars and an alien close enough to touch!  

I thought at first it would take up ALL the space in his room. But the truth is, it creates space!  All his toys now fit under his bed and he has plenty of room to play!  Genius!

And boy is someone happy!

Charlie's status as big brother didn't automatically qualify him for a big bed.  At first his parents decided to make him a toddler bed.  Before Henry was even born.  They borrowed some of our tools and in one afternoon had created this:

Can these people build things, or what?!

But when a toddler bed wasn't quite what they wanted for Charlie, they sold this one on Craigslist--but not before making a few more and selling them, too!  (Industrious parents, these!)

I'm so proud to be related to them!

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