Monday, January 28, 2013

Demilune Table Rennovation

Remember this rickety demilune table that I bought at the thrift store?

It had been assembled incorrectly, poorly spray painted, and was about to tip over.  We replaced the screws and properly lined up the legs with their brackets.  It was perfectly stable after that!

It also had the same basic shape and style as the $699 (what!!??) one we saw at Bassett furniture.  I didn't want a purple demilune table anyway!  So I got busy making this one into something that would work.

I needed something in the tan/gray shades to match in my family room.  The walls in there are paneled with 1960's era fine paneling.  Something painted dark would just not work.  And bright white would be too stark against the warm walls and flooring.  

I chose a Valspar spray paint called "Hunter's White."

It is not really a white at all, but a lovely tan with green/gray undertones.  Kind of a rich color, but still very light against our wood walls.  After lightly sanding the original white table, I sprayed 3 separate coats of paint, lightly sanding between each coat.  It took about 1 1/2 cans of paint to do this table.  I also replaced the cheapy silver knob with a nice oil-rubbed bronze one.

After the 3 coats of paint, I decided to give it a couple of coats of spray polyurethane.  I chose a "satin" finish because I didn't want it to be all shiny.  But I did want it to be protected from spills and moisture.  This stuff is EXTRA stinky so make sure you have plenty of adequate ventilation!

Some tips for spray painting:

1.  Use a wide sweeping motion as you spray--always starting the spray before the object and letting up on the nozzle after you've passed by the object.  (You will get a sore finger.  I usually go through all my fingers and thumbs during a project.)

2.  If you do get drips, let them dry and then lightly sand them off.  Respray again, being careful not to put too much paint on again.  You can always add more layers, but you don't want drips!  Often you get drips where there is a corner of where two boards meet.  Be careful in these areas.

3.  When the spray paint gets to the end of the can--don't try to squeeze every last bit out of it.  The paint will come out almost dry and leave a rough surface on your project that you will have to sand down again.  Just get another can and use nice wet paint.

4.  Sometimes a project will need primer first.  (I didn't use it here because there was already white paint.)  I have found that Kilz white spray primer works best for all wood projects.

5.  If you need to spray paint something in the winter time (like I did!,) a good trick is to spray it quickly in the cold garage and then bring it inside to dry properly.  Spray paint does funny things if it is too cold or too hot.

And here is the finished table!  It draws in the colors of the tile flooring and the rock in the fireplace wall!

It also draws in colors of a favorite painting that my Great-aunt Jessie Larson painted.

I'm not exactly sure what I will put on this table or how I will end up styling it.

But for less than $30, I now have a lovely demilune table near my back door!

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