Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dollhouse Progress

There has been some progress on the dollhouse!  It is now completely painted!

Who would have thought that painting a dollhouse was as much work as painting a real house!  12 rooms with 6 corners each to cut in.  And a roof and sides and floors and a back and a "barn!"  And it all had to be caulked and primed and painted.  Two coats of paint.  But it is now done!

Hans and Greta got to have their first humble Christmas in the house.

Hans brought home a lovely Christmas tree and they decorated with some ribbon and a star.  They were so happy on Christmas morning to awake and find presents under the tree!! A sailboat, a snowglobe, and even a dollhouse dollhouse!

As well as a nice upholstered red chair to sit upon.  The chair frame was found on a scramble table at the thrift store.  I think it was originally meant to hold a votive candle.  I had a thin strip of velvet left over from another Christmas project I had worked on.  I cut it in half and sewed it together.  Then cut it in half and sewed it together again.  Making a wider piece of velvet that I could cut into cushion pieces and sew and stuff.  It turned out that my method made the cushions look as if they were carefully tufted to be that way.  Bonus for the dollhouse!

The neighbors (us, regular-sized people) brought over a treat basket Christmas morning.  (Compliments of the $1 section at Target.  They are little erasers.)  Buttercup was thrilled about that!  As there were donuts and sandwiches for all to share.

Pretty soon, they are going to have wallpaper, a mid-century modern couch, and some awesome lighting!

Stay tuned!!!

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