Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to: Make a Mid-century Modern Dollhouse Couch!

When I saw this dollhouse couch online, I knew I wanted something similar!

It was apparently featured in the New York Times.  Isn't it adorable?

I set out to make something similar.  I started with an automotive sponge.

A lovely squishy bit of neon green and white in a very rounded form.  But never fear, I had an electric knife near!

An electric knife is the perfect tool for cutting foam.  Don't even try to do it without one. (I've had mine for years, but luckily, they are still only about $12 at Walmart)

I cut off the rounded edges to make straight upright sides....

Then I cut 3 slices into the middle to take out where the cushions would go.

One more slice at the bottom to finish getting out that portion.

Now it was beginning to look like a couch!

A few more cuts to straighten everything up and then some trimming on the pieces I took out to make the cushions and pillows.  Now on to choose upholstery material!

I chose some navy blue curtain material that I had in my sewing stash.  I measured out strips that would cover the wide arms, then sewed them to little rectangles for the outside and inside of the arms.  I cut large rectangles to cover the middle of the couch and made an envelope with corners for the big bottom cushion.  Sewing and tucking and measuring as I went.  Finally, I sewed up little pillows and finished it all by hand.

It still looked rather frumpy.

So I turned it over and pulled and hand sewed all the loose ends together as tightly as I could.

Then it was time to make the base!

With a piece of leftover backer board from the dollhouse, I cut out a rectangle the size of the couch.  Then added 4 little pieces of doweling, nailing them through to the other side and leaving the sharp part of the nail sticking through to push up into the couch.  Then I spray painted it silver to imitate a chrome base.

A little hot glue and some pushing and wiggling, and the couch was secured on the base!

 It's still a little frumpy!  But not bad for my first couch!

 And Whiskers seems to approve!  ; )

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