Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paint By Numbers!!!

Last night I picked up two little "Paint By Numbers" pictures at the thrift store!  $3 a piece with frames and everything!

Why would I pay money for these silly little paintings?  When I hadn't even painted them?  Or my child hadn't?

Because they are now one of the newest trends in decorating and collecting!

Pam Kueber, of Retro Rennovation has this to say about them:

"Vintage Paint By Number paintings are an ironic — and iconic — midcentury modern art form. They are really “low brow” — anyone can do one… But, they also fascinate us — there is something “elemental” about their beauty and “democratic” about the fact they even exist. Simple, graphic — and rendered by a normal person, like us!, back in the day when mass prosperity was emerging across America. They were… lovingly crafted… and as a result, they are easy to love, 50 years later. "

Read more: What to collect: Paint By Number paintings — A comprehensive online guide — Retro Renovation 

paint by number paintings vintage

People are decorating whole walls with them!!!

Or using the idea of a paint by numbers to paint a whole wall!!  See how to do this cute project  here.

Or see this beautiful nursery mural!  The cute couple at the blog EasterKiwi made it when she was 8 months pregnant.

Go to their blog, here to see how.

This blog, called "Please Sir," had this to say about paint by numbers:

"Vintage paint-by-numbers. They are part kitsch, part fun and even part borderline crazy. But, when you put a bunch of them together they make a pretty neat display wall."

It may be borderline crazy, but just think!  You could have the Mona Lisa in your collection!  ; )

The artist, Trey Speegle, has taken the concept to even higher levels!


Read more about him and see his work here.

Nikki, at "The Ambitious Procrastinator, shows how she made her own "paint by numbers" from photos of her cats:

There is even an online Paint By Number Museum!  You can search through a huge collection of paintings.


I don't know exactly what I will do with my two little paint-by-numbers, but they are painted in exactly the colors my daughter wants to redecorate her room in (soft grays and yellows.)  And just look at them!  Don't they warm your heart and make you smile?

Who doesn't need such serene scenes on their walls?  Full of nostalgia.  And kitschy cuteness!

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