Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mid-century Modern for the Living Room!

Things are looking pretty good at the dollhouse!  

There's a definite mid-century modern vibe going on!  The "wallpaper" is really some lovely wrapping paper from Target.

Whiskers has settled into the "Ikea" couch and enjoys looking at himself in the hammered chrome mirror (really a small picture frame with mirror inserted instead of glass.)  I made the couch myself out of an automotive sponge and some leftover wood from the back of the dollhouse.  (Tutorial to follow sometime this week!)  The LOVE poster I printed off on my computer and put in another tiny frame I found at the thrift store.  Doesn't it just make you happy!  I have a large one in my real living room!

The cozy velvet and "chrome" chair was once a votive candle holder that I painted silver and then sewed some red velvet cushions for.

Hans and Greta tried out this room.  But they didn't feel quite right about it.  Being more German than Scandinavian.

Buttercup came to say hello to Whiskers and they had a nice conversation.

But in the end, it was Charlie Brown who liked it the best!  (My grandson, Charlie, has a particular affinity to this character--not sure why (smile)--but I think he and the animals will be doing most of the playing in the dollhouse from now on!)

Charlie Brown loved the arcing chrome floor lamp! So modern!  He and whiskers sat in happiness for hours.  The lamp is made from an old banana holder, a makeup case lid, and a tiny Christmas ball.  (I will show another how-to on another day.)

Hope you enjoyed!

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