Monday, January 21, 2013

When at First You Don't Succeed! (Or Making a Bathroom Twice!)

The dollhouse now has a bathroom!

Complete with towels and an armoire.  But it didn't just happen overnight...

I've been trying to redecorate (or even just decorate for the first time) my real house.  We've been working on the master bathroom.  (For 3 years!) The family room.  The hallways.  And we are really getting nowhere with any of them!  We have a very quirky house, built in the 1960s... "updated" in strange ways through the years, and somehow, normal thinking on how to decorate doesn't get the job done.

Luckily, I have this "vacation home" I can go to when I feel frustrated with my real house!

There are 12 lovely rooms in this house that also need furnishing and decorating!  Only one is finished:

Once you have a living room, it is common knowledge that the next most important room of the house is a bathroom!

I specifically made 2 smaller rooms in the dollhouse so that they could be bathrooms or closets.  I started collecting things from the thrift store that might work for a bathroom.  I found a mirrored votive candle holder that would work as a modern sink!  And a sort of long ceramic bowl that might be a tub!  And that little light fixture above?  A compilation of several little bits and pieces we had lying around in the garage!  I felt like things were really coming together!

But this real estate venture has 2 other investors!  This one here with the fire truck!  He has opinions, too!

And this little bundle of joy is a future co-owner!  They both need to be on board with ideas for our dollhouse!  And the tiny little room on the side of the dollhouse just wasn't cutting it!  It was too small for little hands to reach in.  And even though I wallpapered it and added shelves and made it look all sophisticated and modern?  It wasn't the right way to have a bathroom.  Not and be able to play!  And this dollhouse is more that a little old granny's hobby.  It needs to function as a marvelous place to pretend!

We needed to "Try, Try, Again!"

So Charlie and I set Mr. Grumpy Bear to work on the demolition.  (He enjoyed it immensely!  Bears like that kind of thing!)  And then we started anew in a bigger room with a whole new color palate!

This lovely scrapbook paper would be first up in the new bathroom!  It gives the look of tile and has a happy, playful, modern feel!

It's called "Blue Stained Glass," but I think it definitely looks more like tile!

Everything was in a big jumble when we first started installing the fixtures!

But the sink got a nice sleek faucet.  And a little soap dispenser!

A little armoire was painted to just match the bathroom!  And a Christmas hand towel was repurposed to become the bath towels for the room.  The shorter terrycloth pile was perfect for dollhouse towels and washcloths!

The tub, a bent piece of aluminum wire, and some gorilla glue finished up the faucet for the tub!

And even a little towel rack was glued onto the wall!

What's a bathroom without toilet paper!!?

And this little back to a picture frame became the hand towel holder next to the sink!

It's perfect and even hinges out so that little fingers can use the towel and put it back!

Things were quite the mess on installation day!  Notice the fine FLUSHING (sound) toilet we found on clearance at Target!  (It's one of the few items bought new at the store.)

But they came together quite nicely in the end!  We still might add a rug for the floor---if Charlie's mother will crochet it for us!  She's a crocheting genius!  (Look at the darling hat creation on Baby Henry above.)

We even found a one-use tube of toothpaste leftover from a business trip that Scott took.  It was the perfect size!  (We will have to try to fashion a toothbrush soon as Charlie wants to brush everyone's teeth!)

The bathroom artwork was changed out several times before deciding on this little seahorse. (Look for the real prints by Kelly Bermudez on Etsy.)

And the armoire was filled with extra bathroom linens and little storage baskets!  (Tiny baskets found at the thrift store!)

The toilet paper holder was installed on the side of the armoire.

And even a decorative basket is on top of the armoire!

Charlie Brown was VERY HAPPY!  He now spends a great deal of time soaking in the tub!

And I am happy to say that after finishing this up, I feel much more motivated to tackle the real house issues!  Like the master bath I haven't gotten back to!

"When at first you don't succeed,  Try! Try! Again!"

What fun it is to have a dollhouse!

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