Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rachael's Room Makeover

Here is Rachael's room---all made over!!!  But it didn't start out this way.....

This is what Rachael's room looked like when we bought the house.  Nice wood floors, but nothing else to speak of.

Except maybe the very large closet.  We think this used to be the master bedroom for the original house--notice the old intercom on the wall.

And the extra wide double curtain rod.

All that was removed and we painted her room a bright orange (her choice!)

Hung funky lamps up!  And got her an Ikea bookshelf with writing all over it.  (Barely visible on left side.)

This was her bedspread.

Funny thing was, in 2 years, we never took a single picture of the whole room!  Not one!  But last month, she just couldn't take the bright orange anymore.  It was too loud.  She couldn't take the cluttered feel of her bedroom.  She needed something more serene.  More inviting.  Calming.

So while she was on choir tour, this is what I did:

Since she had long ago decided the lovely canopy bed from her childhood wasn't her style, she has been living without a headboard for several years.  (But I couldn't stand her bed to be so blah and ungrounded!)

I found an ugly cheap brass headboard at the thrift store.  It was peeling brass flecks.  But was a nice shape and "not too frilly."  (Which was Rachael's biggest decorating requirement.)  I sanded it slightly and sprayed it with the famous ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) paint.  I LOVE that stuff!

It worked like a charm!

I found a can of yellow paint on the "miss-tint" shelf of Lowes.  It was $5!!!  And a very "serene" yellow!

It took 2 coats of paint to cover that orange--but it instantly transformed the feel of the room!!!

Rachael had two requests before she left.  "Please don't get rid of my lion poster....."

 and "I must have my build-a-bear monkey!" (From a fun date she went on with her new sister-in-law, Katie.)

 When she left, the lion poster was just hung on the wall with masking tape, but I found a large enough frame at the thrift store to fit it and it was instantly transformed from cheap poster to wall art!

 Next came her dreadfully distracting bookcase.

All that cute grafitti just HAD to go!  A can of oil-based paint was the answer.  (It sticks better and has a harder finish.)

A nice shade of gray.  Serene.  And very UN-distracting!

A cool retro lamp....

 and a few more thrift store finds---including this Egyptian papyrus of birds--and....

....She was VERY HAPPY when she came home from choir tour!  This is what she found:

A relaxing little nook for reading and playing her guitar.

A desk and a bed--all in calming colors.  And room for her bird cage! (Far right.)

Remember these little "paint by numbers" pictures?  They were the color inspiration for the room.  We decided to leave the desk "as is" because it looked so good in her new room.

New headboard, new bedding, new little bird pillow---as she loves her cockatiel, Tiki!  And, of course, Mr. Monkey!

No more distractions!  A more grown-up room for a more grown-up daughter.  All is well!

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