Friday, March 1, 2013

Frugal Friday: New Grocery Plan!

I have a new grocery plan!  I've been following it for the last two weeks.  

If you remember from about a year ago, I went on a self-imposed "Hunger Challenge" budget.  I tried to feed my family on HALF of what we would receive if we were on food stamps.  We did it for a whole month.  I blogged about it.

This time, I have some other reasons for putting our grocery budget on a diet.  

#1.  I need to get skinnier!  And what do starving children in Africa have that I don't have?  LESS FOOD!  It's a radical new concept in the weight loss market.  Mostly people pay even more money to go on some special diet and join some special group and eat more expensive food.  But reality is that if you don't spend as much, you won't buy as much, and you won't eat as much!  And that is the theory I want to try out.  ; )

#2.  I want to be more organized about my groceries and cooking.  Having a budget and being forced to make a menu plan to go with that budget will help me to be more organized and not have that panic feeling when dinnertime comes around.  It will help me not to be tempted to order pizza or have Scott pick up Thai food on his way home from work.  Or worse yet, go out to eat--only to have a platter fit to feed a family of 10 placed in front of just me!

#3.  I want to spend my money elsewhere.  I have a million other places that I would like to put my money.  Savings.  Paying down loans.  Going on trips.  New shoes!  Art supplies!  

#4.  I would like my grown children (and anyone else) to see that frugality is a virtue and a joy!  One worth having--no matter if you have a large income or are still struggling through school.  It gives you freedom and a pleasant sense of power over your own life.  It is not drudgery.  It is not self-denial.  It is not painful.  

But it does take planning, thinking outside of the box (of macaroni!,) and self-control!

So here is the budget plan:

-$50/week to feed 3 adults.  Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. 
-$100/a quarter to spend at Costco for staples like sugar, flour, TP, contact solution, laundry detergent, etc.
-Shop at only one store a week.  Our local discount grocery store went out of business (sniff!) so I am left with a regular grocery chain.  I will probably shop mostly at Maceys.  I will not run all over town to find the cheapest prices.  One store per week.  No coupons (unless they fall in my lap.)
-Have a menu plan, a shopping list, and recipes printed off and in a notebook ready to go for each evening.
-Eat yummy, well balanced meals.

For the last 2 weeks, we have been successful at this!  I've decided to blog about it every Friday.  And see how well it goes!

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