Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I want to be an Artist!

I want to be an artist.  I don't care if I ever obtain fame and glory.  I don't care if anyone ever thinks I make or do interesting things.  I just want to honor my artist's heart.  Regularly.  Always.  As a way of life.

This last week, I listened to a TED Talk about honoring our inner artist.  It wasn't even in English---I had to read the subtitles.  But the message was clear.  We all need to be artists.  Starting right now!  

So last night I went on a walk with my husband.  We always walk out of the neighborhood and try to get at least a little bit of walking in nature.  We are lucky.  We live very close to a natural park.  With a fresh motivation to honor my artist's heart, I decided to just enjoy the walk without any inhibitions.  When I saw a rock that was interesting, I picked it up.  The moss growing next to the trail was begging for me to bend down and touch it.  It was so very soft and plush.  Dead leaves on trees were crumpled and allowed to blow away out of my hands in the wind.  I noticed the color of the sunlight touching the top of the rocky mountains.  The color of lichens growing on the bark of trees.  I touched the soft dead blossoms of last summer.  A velvet purple cone on the tips of one tree's branches.  My husband joined me in stomping across the wooden and metal bridge.  We pretended we were the Three Billy Goat's Gruff.  Only there were only 2 of us.  The ringing sound of the metal tubing that held up the bridge echoed musically like bells.  So of course, we had to stomp again going back across the bridge---this time with a little varied rhythm.  I picked up a worn and gnarled bit of wood I found on the ground.  It was smooth to the touch and smelled like nature.  On the way home, we took a different route than normal.  Finding our way through giant wild bushes with thorns.  It was exciting!

When we got back home, we sat on the porch and talked while the sun set beautifully over the distant lake and mountains.  The yellows and oranges lit up the sky like fire.  When it finally got too cold to stay outside, we came in.

I didn't create anything last night.  But I honored my artist's heart.  I let myself be free.  And I felt great joy in doing so.  I felt honest.

I want to live that way everyday.  Even every moment. 

Maybe I can.

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