Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Piano Bench!

Seventeen years ago, my mother bought us a used piano so that our children could take piano lessons.  We have loved having a piano!  But we never had a piano bench.  We always had to use a chair of some sort...which makes playing a little awkward.  

But the thrift gods were smiling over us this month!  A perfectly sturdy piano bench---without it's piano---showed up at Deseret Industries!

This never happens!  Piano benches are the first thing to break about a piano set.  And they are terribly in demand---as everyone has a piano whose bench is broken or missing.  I know.  I've been looking for one for 17 years!

You'll never guess what it cost!

That's right!  EIGHT measly bucks!  For a super-sturdy, fully functional piano bench!

With a whole lifetime of piano books still inside!!!  Does thrifting get any better than this?!?

Yes, it is filthy.  I think this might be ancient spilled milk.

And it has the dust of a 1000 year stay in a garage or basement.

And sadly, some condensation rings.  Probably from said glass of milk that then spilled!

But the legs have nice shaping.  And all is restorable!

Any new piano benches I've seen for sale are $100-$400 and up!  And none have the detailing or construction strength that this one has.

I haven't decided if I will paint it, strip it and re-stain it, or simply clean it up and let its wear and tear be part of its personality!  But I will let you know!

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