Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild Weekends: Trip to Arches and Moab!

This weekend, we took most of our family and went to Moab, UT!  That is the area where Arches National Park is.  

It was a long road ahead of us when we started.  With snowy mountains all around.

We recently traded our small motor home for an bigger, older one---so more people could fit.  There was so much room, everyone was in a great mood!  

The world changed dramatically as we drove along.  

It was a geologist's dream!  How the earth formed and the amazing ways in which it formed were a constant question as we drove along!

Then we finally arrived at Arches!  It was tricky getting up the hill with the motor home on hairpin turns.

But there is nothing in this world like Arches! (We've been there before!  See here.)

As my mother (who had never been there) kept saying, "Pictures just don't do it justice!"  

You really can't imagine how big these red rocks are until you are there!

Towering formations!

You may not be able to see the tiny person standing at the base of this arch---but it is HUGE!  Simply Amazing!

And there were so many beautiful formations!  Everywhere!

 After seeing Arches, we camped along the Colorado river with tall red rock canyons on all sides of us!  This same river made the Grand Canyon!

The river was slow and meandering.  But the sound of the water was soothing and peaceful.

As the sun went down, the colors were AMAZING!  

Even the smallest campers were having a good time!

Lots of rocks for collecting!

This little one wasn't convinced camping was so great....

Until his mommy came back to reassure him!

It was so beautiful there, we felt like we belonged on the cover of RV Life Magazine!

And I was one HAPPY CAMPER!

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