Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Triumph: Family Room Redecorated!

New Look for the Family Room!

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm trying a new format for my blog now.  You can read about it here, in my "about" page.  Tuesdays are reserved for triumphs!  Things that I accomplish successfully.  Today's post is about our new family room.

This is our family room when we first moved into the house.  Hard tile floor.  Dark paneled walls.  And a big corner fireplace.  

Looking the other direction, there is the stairs going up to the living room, the stairs going down to the basement apartment, a closet, and a doorway into some bedrooms.  That skinny bit between the two staircases is a plant box on top.

When we first moved in, we used the furniture we had from our last house.  We put down our big Persian rug.  We set up our super-comfy Lazy-boy furniture.  It worked pretty well for a long time.  

But then the couch began to wear out.  The cushions had been flipped numerous times, but there really wasn't any more wear left in them.  I contemplated recovering just the seat cushions.  Trying to make the room into a sort of shabby chic look.  I hated how dark the room was.  (We had even darker curtains at the window in the beginning.)  I wanted to paint the paneling.  I wanted to replace our old Persian rug with a white shag!  I wanted to add beige pillows and make the room almost dreamy light!  Then I saw a white couch for sale and I started imagining the room looking something like this: peaceful and pretty!  Then I remembered what we use that room for.  It's a family room.  We watch TV in it.  We have grandchildren over to play in it.  We have Superbowl parties there.  We eat popcorn and drink sodas and have movie nights!  

It is also the main thoroughfare from the garage to the whole rest of the house.  The garage, where cars are fixed and projects are made and pine needles are tromped in from the yard!

All white was not an option.  And since this room is my husband's favorite spot to decompress at the end of a long day---frilly white lace was not even very nice!

So we went shopping at the local furniture outlet.  And we happened upon this:

A real leather sofa.  Top grain.  Leather everywhere, not just on the front.  And it was soft and comfortable!  It appealed greatly to my husband's "Old English Club" sensibilities and it got me thinking it a totally different direction.  Why not embrace the darkness of that room?  Why not enjoy those fine wood-paneled walls?  Why not go for something more like this:

I had the right kind of rug already!

And a big rugged fireplace!

So with that new goal in mind, this is where we went with the room:

We bought the amazingly cheap outlet-priced sofa.  Called around and found a matching love seat, which we had to pay slightly more for.

Then we found an amazing suede swivel rocker on another week at the outlet store---it is now the sweet seat in the room---with people fighting over who gets to sit in it.  

At the outlet store for in Salt Lake City, we found this fun ottoman for a coffee table!  Things were starting to come together!

Remember the cheap brassy fireplace cover and tools from when we moved in?  We didn't replace them.  We painted them with ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) spray paint.  The dark color now draws in the dark from the stonework.

As you can see from our old solid brass lamp, I'm not against brass.  Brass is having a BIG comeback right now.  But cheap, thin, barely brass-coated things do not appeal to me.  And I like the fireplace cover and tools much better now!

We decorated the built-in bookcase.  And "rainbow organized" all the children's picture books that it holds.  It's so fun to have them ready and waiting to be read to the grandchildren!

Added some fun and meaningful accessories, like this old artist's model that used to belong to my father.

And some fun things to spark the grandchildren's interest.  I've had that teak monkey since I was a child!

We made sure the lower shelves had things that could be played with---as little hands are often visiting our house!

Behind the TV, we started a gallery wall of heritage photos and memorabilia.  The wool wall hanging is made from an old Navajo blanket my grandfather used for years as his saddle blanket.  

We've scanned and printed old family photos and hung a laminate wood painting that Scott's grandfather made.  It was one of his hobbies.  And it is fun to remember him!

I finally figured out a way to really use the planter box.  I thought because it was missing a copper liner that I would have to have that replaced before planting anything.  But I saw what another person had done with their retro-planter online and I copied them.  Soon these plants will be big and lush and I'm very happy about that!

I found these two folding chairs at the thrift store!  There were $4 each!  What a steal for fun extra seating in the room!  I love their lines and they were the perfect color!

Because no room should be without a little humor, we hung these silly masks on a wall near the closet!  They make me smile every time I walk by.  

Here's the end table with the fun duck bowls that I got at the thrift store.  I've also added a fun vintage photo album (also from thrift.)  I'm going to fill it with more old family photos that we can look through regularly.  Ancestors inspire me.  I like to remember them!


What do you think?  Did we do a good job?  Does it have a nice feel?  Did we capture the essence of an old English club?

We like hanging out in this room now!  And all of our children seem to, too!

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