Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Triumph: Little Magazine Rack

I don't exactly know why.  But I bought this little magazine rack at the thrift store the other day.  

It wasn't pretty.  It was all old and beat up.

And had little flakes of brassy metal coming off of it.

But I liked it's faux bamboo shaping and wire furniture is really very mid-century modern.  All things I love!

I sanded down the surface slightly, making sure to get all the loose brassy plating off.  Then I primed and painted it a glossy bright red!

I like to have pops of bright red in my decor, so this will fit in perfectly.

Instead of magazines, I currently keep picture books in it that I like to read to a certain little boy when he comes to visit.  

Easily reached from my favorite chair.  

It's my Rockin' and Readin' to Charlie spot!  And I'm very happy with it!

Do you have an old flaking metal something?  Get out some paint and make it new!

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