Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wants and Wishes: Looms and Yarn Bombing!

These are things I want.  I think.  But I'm going to let them sit here on my wants and wishes list and see if I still want them in a few months!

I want a loom!  As you may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for all historic arts and crafts and I especially love things made out of wool.

Yes, I do imagine myself in princess gown weaving away in a corner of the castle.

Truthfully, I would be thrilled if it was something more like this.  A sort of cooperative weaving room in the Iron County Historical Society Museum in Hurley, Wisconsin.  You can read a nice account of someone's visit here.  What a fun place to work!  


I would love to have a spinning wheel!  A modern one.  That worked wonders and was easy to operate.

Or I would love an old one!  I used to have an older one---but it had really just been made as a decorative item and didn't function well.  We gave it away when we moved.  And I miss it.  

Weaving and spinning are so ancient.  They have been "women's work" since the beginning of time.  And I love that connection to all of the women through the ages.  There is something wonderful about handling the wool and creating things that are individual and unique.  It is a form of respect to the women who came before us.  I embrace that sort of work!


But not all wool and knitting and crocheting is about connecting to the past!  Some of it is positively modern art!  

I want to knit motorcycles!  This is a modern twist on the uses of knitting.  But I love this art trend.  I think it is hilarious!  And just softens up all the hard edges of everything.  

Here and Here and Here you can read more about the knitting-graffiti trend called "Yarn bombing!"  And here are more pictures!  

What fun!  I want to be a yarn bomber!

I think.

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