Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wants and Wishes

My dream car.....or so I sometimes think!

I talked about "wants" and "wishes" on Monday's post.  The difference between them, and how you really shouldn't go into debt for them.  If you do, you better be extra careful and be sure you can pay them back quickly.

But I've also found that wants and wishes can be VERY FICKLE!  What I want one day, I am completely disinterested in by a month later.  Sometimes I just want to think or dream about having something---but wouldn't really enjoy it if I had it in real life.

A trick I've learned to deal with myself is to keep a list of things I'm thinking that I want or wish for.  

I don't go right out and buy something the minute I feel an inkling of desire for it--even the really inexpensive things.  I wait.  I let that list sit.  I don't feel neglected or denied because I know my want or wish is written down.  It is validated.  But I wait to see....

Last year sometime, I was sure I wanted to be one of those people who gets up every morning and juices healthy vegetables into a slurry of vitamin-rich wonder!  I was sure that I would lose weight! My rosacea would clear up!  I would be so healthy!  And everything in life would be better!  (I had watched this documentary....)  

I wrote "good quality juicer" down on my list.  But after a couple weeks of wishing I had a fancy juicer, I moved on to other interests.  I read some negative articles about juicing.  It wasn't a cure-all.  I wasn't so excited about it.  

Unfortunately, my dear husband saw my list.  And he thought to get me the perfect Christmas gift!  The best juicer money can buy!  Because it was on my list.  He didn't know I was already over it.  He didn't know my list was not necessarily a real list of my real wants or wishes.  It was a proving ground list.  And juicer hadn't proved itself to be a long-standing desire.

You would be surprised how many things don't make it through the proving ground.  Try keeping a list---make sure everyone who loves you realizes it is a proving ground list---and then see what happens!  In a month, do you still want that item?  How about in 3 months?  Give your instant gratification heart a chance to calm down and see.

I believe that most of what we buy, we don't really want.  I'm going to use "Wednesday Wants and Wishes" as my proving ground list! 

Is a vintage orange convertible Karmann Ghia what I really want in life?  Maybe.  I think I will let it sit here on my list for a good long while and see.  ; )

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