Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wool Blankets!

It's Thrifty Thursday and today's thrift-store find is 2 matching vintage wool blankets!  Bought just today!

I love wool!  And finding real wool anything anymore is kind of hard.  Wool will keep you warm no matter what!  If you are out in the rain?  No problem!  Wet wool keeps you as warm as dry wool!  And it doesn't make you too hot---as wool is very breathable!

These blankets were a mere $5 a piece!  Compare that to these blankets from  They start at $107.99!  And don't even get me started on those regularly priced stores!

The vintage yellow ones are woven tightly and are bound with yellow velvet. They are soft to the touch.  

 There are no holes in them and they look to be full or queen size!

Wool blankets are good anywhere!  On your bed.  In the car for emergencies.  (It's very cold here in Utah in the winter!)  In the living room as a throw.

These two are going in the motor home!  No chance of being cold while camping now!!!

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