Monday, April 8, 2013

The Special Power of Zion's National Park!

We took Sulley (our monster motor home) and headed down to Zion's National Park this last week!

It was fun to get on the road again and just drive!  Great vistas lay out before us endlessly.

After a few hours we came to the turnoff we needed.

Someone was very happy when we camped at an RV park the first night!  

The meandering Virgin river was right next to our camping spot.  

Fritz loved playing in the sand and dirt---we tried to keep him out of the water.

He found a piece of lava rock that seemed a reasonable substitute for a ball.  

The next morning, we headed even closer to the most amazing place on earth!

Past old pioneer homes

Some rather fancy ones!

This one may have been the school.

We knew we were close when we saw the tourist trap stores!

And then we were there!  In the Zion's National Park campground!

Pictures just don't do it justice.  Soft spring green trees and towering red rock skyscrapers all around us!  Little cute lizards scurrying out of our way.

We went on a walk under and over the trees. (Rachael was glad to have Tyler along!)

Some trees in the park were gargantuan!

We took hikes up those red rock canyons.

Between the towering cliffs.

And alongside the red red road.  (Made with the red cinders of old volcanoes in the area.)

Past prickly pear cacti!

And ancient petroglyphs!

Those ancients made really quite good artwork!

We got to play with very friendly squirrels.

And wade across the river at the beginning of "The Narrows." (I'm pretty sure the water temperature was 32.5 degrees...because my legs went totally numb from the knees down after that!)

Everywhere we went, we saw people laughing and talking and having fun!  These young people had shimmied up a tree overhanging the river.  

We saw people from all around the world and heard all sorts of different languages being spoken.  We saw 80 year-old hikers.  We saw babies in backpacks.  We saw people in wheelchairs and people on bicycles.  No one was on their cellphone.  No one was playing electronics.  Everyone was engaged with the world at hand and was smiling!  Zion's has that power over people.

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