Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nice Things About Breaking My Foot!

All these people have been helping me!
#1.  Immediate Rescuers and Family.  I fell down the steps when 4 people who care about me were right there!  Three members of my family and a good friend of our family!  They were all there helping to plant flowers.  How nice was that?!?  So I wasn't alone when it happened.  I didn't have to call for help.  4 lovely people rushed to my side.  They brought me ice and water and ibuprofen immediately (which btw, you shouldn't take for a broken bone---go with acetaminophen---we found out later.)  They backed the car up right next to the sidewalk where I lay so I could be helped in and taken to urgent care.  They talked sweetly to me.  Encouraged me.  And were kind.  That was a really wonderful thing!  And all of my extended family has helped me since then!  Bringing me food.  Cleaning house.  Going grocery shopping.  Playing games with me.  Their love is wonderful!

Rachael's friend Tyler was there to help when the accident happened, too!  And he's always ready to help since then.  Thanks Tyler!

#2.  Flowers, Brownies, and Kindness.  I have received no less than 3 bouquets of flowers from kind neighbors who heard about my injury and wanted to bring me something to cheer me up!  And 2 plates of brownies!  How wonderful is that?  Chocolate and Flowers!  Nice.  Very nice!

Pretty Flowers from neighbors!

Brownies got eaten.  I even stole this pic of an empty plate off the web.  Sorry.  ; )

#3.  Garden.  My dear sister-in-law and nephew came down last week and put a garden in for me!!!  I really wanted to have a little garden--maybe just a few tomatoes and squash and the like.  Our backyard gets more sunlight since we cut down the big tree--and this year was going to be the year of the good garden.  Until I couldn't do such things.  But they came, cleared out the weeds, dug up the earth, and planted for me!  Now that is true service!  So kind!  And it makes me so happy!

All the weeds cleared and new plants put it!  Thanks so much Dorothy and Sterling!!!

#4.  Memories and Empathy.  My grandmother was crippled all of my young life.  That's how I remember her.  She used crutches or a wheelchair to get everywhere.  The click of my crutches sound the same as hers did.  The struggles she had getting dressed--I feel them myself now and it brings back memories of helping her.  I think about her almost every day.  Her deteriorated hip was, at the time, a permanent condition.  I will get better.  I think how brave she must have been.  Year in and year out.  I wonder if she had days of utter frustration.  I'm sure she must have.  My grown children stole my crutches to play with---the same as I did to her.  It's a funny place to be.  But I feel her love and understanding.  And I understand more, too.  I think of others I know with physical limitations.  I think of the Boston bombing amputees.  Empathy is a gift of suffering.  A gift I cannot deny.

My beautiful Grandma Pace with a cane--maybe two canes--to help hold her up for the picture.

Four Good Things.  Four is enough.  Looking on the bright side of life isn't a numbers game.  During a hardship, just thinking of one good thing can greatly alter your mood.  I like to think that good things have more power than the bad.  When I get grumpy again, I will refer back to this list.  And probably add more to it!

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