Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun with Photoshop!

When you are stuck home with a broken foot, you do a lot of reading.  A lot of playing on the computer.  And a lot of daydreaming.

Today I combined all these things into one.  Otherwise called "Playing with Photoshop."  

I read how-to articles.  I watched youtube videos.  I learned how to make my own watermark.  (To put on all my valuable photos that I share on the web.)  ; )  I found out how to "enhance photos."  I did a lot of cutting and pasting.  I had fun!

I dedicate these photos and my new found skills (if you can call them that) to my darling grandchildren.  Enjoy!

At first, I just played around with "eye enhancing."

But I really can't tell which one has the enhanced eyes and which one doesn't.  So perhaps that was a wasted skill.  ; )

Then I learned how to blur the background--so as to draw more attention to your subject.  Can you tell it's blurred?  Maybe.

Adding color and taking color away was a blast!  I decided to accentuate the red, white, and blue from our family 4th of July picnic.  How wonderful of Aunt Andi to dress up with her nephews!

But the most fun of all?

Yes, I did just put Charlie in a dandelion.  He loves them and so do I.  So it only seemed appropriate!  Perhaps if I blow hard, he will scatter in the wind and land somewhere fertile to grow!  (Notice that I'm not very good at cutting around his head or "dropping shadows" yet.)

Henry is just stopping and taking time to smell the roses.  I remember my mother doing this with a photo of me in my baby book.  She had to actually cut and paste a photo of me--peeking out of a gift card that had a rose on it.  So I did the same....but with some digital help!  (And I'm getting better at making it look real!)

Wouldn't you like to lay back on the soft center of a sunflower and take a nap?  I thought Charlie might.  So I let him.

This having time on my hands is great fun!

(Also, please notice my fabulous watermarks on each of these photos!  That was another skill I learned today.  Aren't you impressed?)

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