Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Little Excitement Goes a Long Way!

Today is the Big Front Door Reveal! (Oooooh!  Aren't you so excited?!?)


The front door was SO beat up!  Dogs had scratched it.  It had never been stained properly.  The trim had been primed, but never painted.

A piece of trim on the left side had been ripped off half way up!

And for a house that is already suffering from a depressingly heavy roof really needed a pick-me-up!  Some way to liven up the entry....or even let you know it was there!

 It needed a way to say "Welcome!  This is a FUN house!  You should come right in!"

So.....without any more delay.....(drumroll, please).......

The winner is ORANGE!!!

Exciting!  Colorful!  Brick-matching Orange!

We did some test spots first.  Tried orange AND brown on the night we thought we wanted brown the morning, it was obvious that orange was the right color!  We tried painting some of the trim orange---(and look how bright it was when it first went on!  Yikes!)----but in the end, decided the trim should coordinate with the trim of the rest of the house---not be all orange.

Taping everything up inside and out was a REAL chore!!!

And our "warm weekend" turned out to be a cold and rainy one---but we soldiered on!

We had to replace that broken piece of trim.  And wait until Tuesday for another warm day to paint the trim.

The orange on the inside DOES coordinate with our orange entry tile!  And quite nicely....I think we might keep that tile!  (Scott says, "no way!)

We think we will replace the kick plates and get a fancier doorknob sometime soon...hopefully that will add even more oomph!

So here it is again...



Did we make a good choice?  Do you want to come and visit?  We think it says, "Welcome Home!"  And we're glad we did it!


  1. Very cute! Love the splash of color!

  2. I like it!!! I love orange. It's Chuck's favorite color too.

  3. Love it! I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Thanks Everyone!!! It just seemed to be the right amount of color to liven things up without going over the top! Can't wait to see you, too Rachael!


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