Friday, November 15, 2013

More New House.....Bathrooms, Etc!

I promised some more pictures of our new house.....but be warned, some are pretty scary!  You may want to have small children and sensitive adults leave the room while you look.....

Let's start with the master bathroom!

These are matching His and Hers toilets in a lovely shade of "Robin's Egg Blue."  That's the color I'm calling them....and I'm thinking of springtime and baby birds peeping---because that helps me deal with things!  The master bath is actually divided into two sides and each spouse gets their own toilet!  Genius!  Except we have kept one winterized and are only using one side---because it will be easier to have one toilet empty when we put in hard flooring and need to remove them.  Carpeting went around these toilets....lovely thought, huh?

Guess what?!?  There are matching His and Hers showers----also in "Robin's Egg Blue!"  

Yup!  His and Hers matching "Robin's Egg Blue" sinks!  Over a cream-colored laminate counter top!  (Please forgive the mess, we are currently living like animals.)

This upstairs hall bath is a beautiful faux marble in "Chocolate Swirl."  And yes, that drawer on the right is broken.  And yes, they used white caulking to reseal the edges.  Why do you see no flooring here?  It was carpeted, too!  Everywhere was carpeted.  Around every toilet.  Under the washer and dryer.  Everywhere!

Except here.  The other view of this same bathroom.  Someone pulled up the original carpeting and put stick-um tiles down between the tub (on the left) and the upholstered bench (why an upholstered bench in a bathroom?!) on the right.  Also note that there is a step up.  "A step up bathroom!?  Wow!  I'll take one of those!  How elegant!)

 Welcome to my home.....feel free to use the powder room!  I call this faux marble sink, "Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa!"  This toilet runs constantly and we have lots of iron in our well of CLR is in our future.  But I think I will keep this toilet if I can get it clean.  "Almond" is out of style, but I can pretend it is "Bisque" and be on the cutting edge of decor!

But wait!  There's more!

A relatively new bathroom---installed near the garage.  And done quite poorly.  But there is a mirror in this bathroom!  Hung weirdly high.  And a shower stall.  (Most all the other mirrors in the house were taken by the previous owners.  Ripped right out of the wall!)

And lastly....our secret Minnesota bonus....

This can't really count as a bathroom---because it is only a sink.  A "Cinnamon Red Hot" sink!  But guess what this sink is across from?  Just guess!  Think Minnesota cold winters.  Think of all the Scandinavian immigrants that settled here....did you figure it out yet?


That's right!  Warm and toasty.  Heart-healthy.  Good for my Danish/Swedish genetics.  And did I mention WARM and TOASTY!  I may spend my whole winter in here.  Not sure I will do the obligatory roll in the snow or jump in the frozen lake afterward....a splash of cold water on my face from the cinnamon red hot sink will do just fine!


  1. oh this is going to be so fun to follow! My daughter and I were laughing so load as we read your descriptions!

    1. Yay! I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride!

  2. My, oh my!!!! You've definitely got some work ahead of you. Love the pics and the commentary!


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