Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our New House!

So this is our new house!  What?  It's exterior beauty didn't make you fall in love with it?!?  Rachael says it looks like it has a mustache.  And I would have to agree.

But it gets better.....

Welcome to the entryway!  Lovely tile, huh?  Oh wait, you want a closer look?

Yup.  It's 1979 orange.  And, yup!  It's cracked and broken on the edges.  But think of how pretty it was in the day!  Especially next to forest green shag carpeting......makes me swoon!

 Next up?  The dining room!  Just look at those Tudor beams mixed with that lovely plastic chandelier!  Can I count the chandelier as "Hollywood Regency" and sell it on ebay?  (I hope so!)

"One of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong!"  (Are you up on your Sesame Street Song lyrics?)  Yes, it is true.  The banister on the right is a cheap metal replacement banister for the real one that was knocked out.....but I have a possible remedy.....keep posted for that one!

Here's a poor angle photo of the kitchen....residing behind the dining room.  Tudor style cabinets...and absolutely NO appliances....even the trash compactor was taken!  But I like it!  And have high hopes for it!

A giant family room!!!  Yes, that IS a bar on the left---not just a wet bar, but a bar with a stove, sink, and refrigerator!  (The refrigerator i,s of course, missing...and the stove doesn't work...but the sink is functional!)  What should I call it?  Since we don't drink.  "Snack Station?" "Kitchen for Kouch Potatoes?" (The real kitchen is only up 5 steps from here.) "Secondary Food Storage Prep Station?"

But wait!  There's MORE!!!  This super groovy conversation pit is also part of the family room!  Complete with brick couch!  Yes.  A brick couch.  Which I am going to keep!

That's all the blogging time I have for today!  But check in soon for pictures of bathrooms, broken sinks, and MOLD!!!

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