Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Progress at the Money Pit: Carpet!!

It's been a big weekend at the Money Pit!  On Friday, we had 1/2 the carpet installed!  And getting ready for that to happen was a big chore!



We now have carpet and furniture in the living room and dining room!!!  A soft place to sit!  A table for Thanksgiving!  And softness under our sore feet!

But it didn't happen overnight!  Here's some of what had to happen first:

 Remember that mismatched railing?  Wood on one side and cheap black metal on the other?  It is ALL gone now.  We debated with taking out the wood railing between the dining room and living room---but then decided it was just one little step down to the living room.  And it was an obvious step.  People were unlikely to fall.  So we opened up the whole space!

I had to figure out how to knock out the original railings....and then find ways to cover the holes left by the newel posts.

I cut a larger chunk of the particle board out around the hole and then cut some plywood to fill in the space and nailed it down to the lower plywood.  Problem solved!  Another smaller hole got covered by a metal plate.  Under the carpet, no one can tell the difference!

Staples had to be pulled from every bit of the floorboards!

After every old staple and stray bit of carpet had been removed from the old flooring, the carpeters came on Friday and suddenly, the construction zone felt like a home!

We brought in furniture out of the garage and having our familiar things around us again really made us feel wonderful!

We still have to paint the walls and find curtains and lamps and a multitude of other things, but being able to sit down and rest on your own soft couch is a blessing indeed!!!  And to walk on soft carpeting without fear of a staple catching your toe---well, that is just heaven!

Some other projects got started over the weekend....the front door got painted....(a big reveal tomorrow when the trim is finished....we started pulling toilets and laying flooring....and we went to dinner at someone's house!

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