Monday, November 25, 2013

So many corners!!! (A Painting Story)

With the toilets gone...and carpet mysteriously delayed by 2 weeks, we decided to tackle some painting in the bathroom!

Remember our lovely Master Bath that has his and hers sides?


And Hers!

And a scary double shower!  What you can't see, is that there is a vaulted ceiling right above this shower.  That goes up 13 feet!  And there are a lot of nooks and crannies and corners and odd angles and lots of patching needed!

Remember that every mirror had been ripped out when the previous owners left?  Yup!  Ripped out.

Leaving pretty holes for me to patch.

They also had  sort of painted the plugs and light switches.

And didn't bother taping up last time they painted...paint on the cabinets...

Paint on the light fixtures...

Paint on the counter tops...

Sadly, they also had anger issues.  At some point, a left-handed person had punched a hole through the wall.  There is a matching one in the dining room....both left-handed.

But Sweet Jasmine still loved her daddy.  And made him a personal light switch cover for his bathroom.

(It's really so odd to find the remainders of a family's life and dysfunction.  It's sad to know that they lost house in the end.  And then we bought it.  It makes me feel guilty and sort of creeped out.  I get so frustrated at all the things they did to this house.  Then I remember that we can afford this house because it WAS so messed up!)

We taped up everything....

And started painting!  Every little nook and cranny!

The odd-shaped closets!

The thirteen foot vaulted ceiling!

We patched the punch hole.  A few more times of sanding and filling and it will be smooth enough to paint!

It took two coats to cover that old sponge paint.  But it's starting to look like a bathroom!  I even have a vanity table over there on that wall!  (Wish I had a mirror!  That handheld is my only option right now!)

 Imagine two nice mirrors here, too!  One on either side of the sinks.  I found out my seahorse (from our last master bath) kind of matches those sinks and the funny blue/green tile!  And since the sinks are very nice real porcelain, I'm trying to figure out a way to keep them.  The counter top is yuck.  The faucets are old and broken and the brass finish is rubbed off.  But I might find a way to keep the sinks!  For right now, it's starting to feel more pleasant!  And the white walls make it feel clean!

What do you think?


  1. it's looking so much better!

  2. you are doing a wonderful job making that house YOUR home!!!


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