Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Soft Touch and Murphy's Law

The carpet installers DID come yesterday!!!  2 hours later than expected, but they got the job done!

I was so excited to have a "real" bedroom again, I couldn't wait for Scott to come home to help rebuild the furniture.  I had to do some of it myself!

And Happy Day!  I also found the finials to our bed---which had been MIA since the move.  The packers had wrapped them and tucked them safely inside the family room TV cabinet....I don't know why....but I'm glad they are found!

Box Springs.  Mattress and Woo Hoo!  We don't have to sleep on the hide-a-bed!

I was so excited to be warm and safe and soft in our cozy bed!  With soft warm carpet under our feet!  I thought I would sleep like a baby!

 But outside the weather was frightful!  More frightful than we've had thus far......and this master bedroom window decided to become a serious problem.

Something is wrong with the way it is installed.  And the latches don't match up, nor will they lock.  And with the wind howling and the temperatures dropping drastically, frigid cold wind blew threw the cracks around this window all night long!  It even whistled.  Scott happily slept through it all.  I couldn't.

My brain worked on it all night long.  What did I have that could hold that window shut?  What did I have that I could wedge in there?  A stick?  A broom handle?  A shower curtain rod!?!  Yes!  That would do it!  But I had NO idea where the one I owned was....somewhere in the garage with all of our stuff.  I figured it was packed in some random tall box....probably in the back, behind everything else.  But miracle of miracles, they had left it out of a box all together...and I found it this morning in a corner with the rakes and shovels!!!

Ta Da!!!  A Solution!  Window held shut!  The whistling wind was stopped!  And now just a little bit of cold air was leaking in!  And I already knew what to do about that!

Seal 'N Peel!  A wonderful new product for sealing up leaky windows.  Caulk it on in winter...and in the spring, just peel it back off again!  We had bought some at the home store the other night for just this purpose!  It didn't go on very well---things were too cold.  But after getting rather grumpy and then deciding my attitude wasn't helping things....I was able to get the rest of the cracks sealed up.  To test things, I just put the back side of my hand up and around the window---everywhere that the little hairs on the back of my hands felt a slight breeze---it got caulked!

It wasn't pretty.  But it was functional.  And necessary.  And when we have time and money and warmer weather, we will get this window fixed properly or replaced!

After all that fuss and bother, I decided I needed a "reward job."  Something fun and pretty!  And we had bought a curtain rod and some lovely drapes last week when Rachael was visiting.  I took down all our silly packing paper privacy "curtains" and started to measure where the curtain rods should go.  Nothing went right.  From marking where the holes should be drilled to getting the curtains out of their packaging.  The drill handle broke and fell to the ground, denting the newly painted wall.  The brand new curtain rod was scratched.  And a curtains got a big snag on them from a stray bit of sharp plastic that was on their packaging.  I almost gave up.  And besides all of that, it was COLD.  The thermostat in the house needs replacing and the heater just wasn't keeping up soon enough.  I called Scott and told him I was crawling back in bed, pulling the covers over my head and not coming out until May.  I say things like that.  And I mean them when I say them.  But I never follow through.  After a few minutes of pity partying, I went back to work.

The curtain rod got put up.  The drapes got hung.  And the sun came around the side of the house and shone through the cold window.  Everything had a soft touch and felt much better!

I didn't give up.  I didn't curl up in a ball and go to sleep.  I left that to someone else.

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