Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall....

Who's the Fairest of them All?

All the mirrors had been taken from this house when it was foreclosed on.  And at first it was kind of refreshing not to be thinking about how I looked every time I went in a bathroom or walked by one.  I found that vanity wasn't really a virtue.  And I could do without it!  Or so I thought.  But after a long period of time, it kind of felt like becoming a feral animal.  When you are camping out on sub-flooring and don't have appliances...and you never bother to do your hair or makeup...and you're usually covered in paint and dirt...well, eventually all my domestication and civility was disappearing!

So what a lovely thing it was when we finally bought and hung mirrors again!  These aren't perfect for the space, but they were as close as we could come.  And I really rather like them!  I also like seeing myself again....not out of vanity....more out of friendliness.  Like, "Hi You!  I remember you!  You're ME!"

We also got a mirror for the little vanity table---funny name, that.  Vanity!

And two more mirrors for the hall bath....which has become a priority to finish now!  Because we have guests coming for Christmas!!!

Nope.  The flooring isn't done.  Better get on that!  And in a hurry!

We brought some furniture inside for the family's starting to feel like a home!

Too bad the movers hid the feet for one of the couches.  As well as the screws for that game table.

And still no cook top.  Scott is working long and grueling hours right now.  At the job that pays for The Money Pit.  And it's a complicated install---requiring running another gas line from the basement.  But I'm getting really good at cooking without it.  ; )

Things are coming along.  A little slowly now.  Mostly because we have run out of steam!


  1. But it's looking better! And the whole no mirror thing is one reason I don't mind camping for a few days--but more than that, I go a little crazy.

    1. Exactly! And I think I was going a little crazy!


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