Friday, December 20, 2013

Piggy Jumps Over the Stile!!!

After a lot of DIY threats, cursings, and frustrations, the piggy finally jumped over the stile...and I SHALL get home tonight!

Or in other words,  the kids and grandkids coming for Christmas will have a bathroom to use!!  

Ta Da!!!  A finished and functioning bathroom!

But boy did it take a lot to get it here!  I can't bring myself to talk about it yet (too traumatic)....but I will give you pictures.  Here goes:


Yup!  A little crazed and a LOT tired!  But we DID IT!!!

And now.....the AFTERS!

The step up is all installed and has proper stair nosing.  Which gave me an idea for the window seat....(see later.)

The toilet alcove is clean and new!  The toilet is properly attached to the floor so it doesn't leak anymore.  All the baseboards have been replaced!  (The old ones were so terribly gross, we had to replace them.)

The counters have been cleaned and given brown caulk instead of white.  Mirrors have been hung!  And of course, all the walls were patched and painted!

The tub got new caulking all around!

 We installed wallboard on the front upright of the window seat because before, it was just painted rough plywood.  Then, I decided to put flooring on horizontal flat surface---because upholstery (like it was originally) seemed dumb for a bathroom.  Now I really like the idea of sitting there watching the grandbabies in the bath.  Or having a place for people to sit down to take their shoes off.  Or it could be used as a changing table.  It's comfortable, but also cleanable!  I can stack towels there, too.  Or whatever!

So once more,







Hurrah for Clean and Functional Bathrooms!!!  (2 down.  2 to go!)

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