Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week = A Wonderful Visit and Lots of Progress!!!

This darling girl came to visit for Thanksgiving!

Poor thing had to sleep on the hide-a-bed because there is still no carpet upstairs and her bed and all of her stuff are still in the garage.  A certain white fluff dog never left her side!

She was a HUGE help!  Washing walls, taping up, spackling holes, painting walls, and painting ceilings!!

She stood in tall places.....

And reached even taller places with an extension stick!

She crawled into tiny spaces....

To help re-attach the center island counter top in the kitchen. (Not only was it missing the cook was simply not attached anymore and would tip off when you leaned on it!)

So what did we get done?!!?

Well, let me SHOW YOU!

The family room walls all got painted!  After being washed of all their grossness.  And having all the little hammer holes filled and sanded.  (It looked like a child had been given a hammer and told to do as much damage as they could.)  And the cracks.  And the nail holes.  THEN, the ceiling had to be completely taped up---those exposed beams were endless and so difficult to cover!  We did it late one night---hoping to paint in the morning---only to find out that half of our taping/paper had fallen off by morning!!  But we persevered and the extremely textured ceiling got painted, too!!!!

 Rachael stood at the top of the ladder to tape up the vaulted ceiling beams in the master bedroom!

Then we painted and painted and painted!

All the sponge painted walls disappeared!!!  (Yipee!!!)

The oven was finally delivered (2 weeks late!)  And someone's nice Hubby and Daughter installed it!

It was a pain because it didn't quite fit and we had to figure out a way to trim it out 1/2 deeper---more trips to the home store, staining trim, mitering corners, attaching just so....but we did it!

Looks good!  And we even baked in it!  (SOOOOO nice to be able to do more than crock pot and electric frypan cooking!)

Cooktop coming soon!  In the newly attached center island.

And here we have the fully repainted family room---which is getting new carpet today!  As I type!

The textured ceiling had never been painted---just raw mud---but now boasts a bright happy white!

This corner was once gross and smelly!  Now it is pristine and beautiful!

We also painted the stairway, the upstairs hall, and the other two upstairs bedrooms!!!

We worked really, really hard!  But on Saturday, we took some time for fun!

Went to the Mall of America!

Found the Lego Store!!

Complete with Dragon!

Found Nickelodeon Universe!  (Yes, Minnesota has an amusement park right inside the mall!!!!)

Roller Coasters and Merry-go-rounds!

Found the American Girl Store!

We even saw Blue, from Blue's Clues!

Then we came home to our little lake and walked on water!

Being the scaredy cat that I am, I only ventured 2 feet from the shoreline....

But plenty of other Hearty Minnesotans were out skating and fishing!  (And to think, this was liquid just one week ago!)

We also got invited to a VERY NICE Thanksgiving dinner with Katie's family!  (Our daughter-in-law's family from Minnesota!)  We were very grateful to have a place to go after all our painting and fixing and doing!  It was delicious and all the aunt and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and cousins treated us like family!  Thanks so much Evans Family!!!!

That's our Thanksgiving Week!  Got a lot done!  Had a lot of fun!

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  1. Your house is looking awesome! Can't wait to see the new flooring!


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