Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Beginning of the End!

We are getting the last of the carpeting today!  At least I hope so.  My biggest fear is that the snow we got last night will cause a delay of some sort!

But then I remember....I'm in MINNESOTA!!  It is highly unlikely anything stops around here for a little white powder from the sky!

(Hey, did you notice the Christmas lights!  Another thing Rachael helped do when she was here!)

Yesterday, there was still one hard job left before carpet!  It involved me....doing my least favorite job.....cutting and laying flooring!  Here's how it went:

The hallway bathroom used to have carpeting in it!

Yes, even in there around the toilet!  Because that's what they did in this house!  Carpet everywhere!  All the time!  But we aren't that gross.  So we needed to put flooring down before the carpet comes---so that they can make a nice attachment between the carpet and the flooring.  I knew I wouldn't have time to get the whole bathroom done--we want to replace that toilet, etc.  But I could get the doorway done---so that they could attach to it there.

First up was removing the gross baseboards.  This is the best method for doing so.  Prevents damage to the wallboard.  Pry bar and little bit of leftover wood to protect the wall.  The baseboards came right off!

The nails pulled the wallboard out a bit, but I just pushed the holes back closed again.

The trim around the door was another problem.  On every other door in the hallway, it is cut about 1/2" up from the sub-floor.  But not in the bathroom!  It was flush with the sub-floor.  And I needed about 1/4" for the flooring to slide under it!  Out came the hack saw.  Very slow going....but gave me a straight line to start with.

Then I tried the miter saw!  Scraping my knuckles on the floor with every pass!

Then the Dremel tool!  Which send a particle of wood into my eye!  (I was getting kind of mad and grumpy at this point!)

So I tried the chisel!  Banging hard made me feel better---but didn't do anything to help the job get done.

Back to the miter saw and scraped knuckles.  A little more patience and perseverance and I finally cut through it!

Enough room to slide my flooring under!

Then I had to clear the floor of any bumps or debris.  Including our favorite of all favorites----leftover carpet padding staples!!  (We've removed 3 zillion of these.)

I checked to make sure my flooring would slide under the door trim.  It would!

Next up, marking and cutting the first piece.  I decided it would be good to start with a partial piece---because of where the doorway would fall on my first row.

Mark it.  Do a first pass lightly with the carpet knife (which works SO much better than a regular X-acto type knife!)  Then go over your first cut but press down hard.  Usually two passes with the carpet knife will do the trick.  Then just snap the flooring on your line!

Presto!  A nice clean cut!

I laid the first piece in the corner and proceeded.

Those gray strips are the adhesive strips.  That are half the thickness of the flooring. You lay the next piece (which has an area on the underside that is half thickness to match up with the adhesive strips perfectly) on top--at a 45 degree angle and then press it right up into the corner to get a clean abutted join.  This flooring is great because it makes a free floating floor.  So I could join those two pieces and then slip the whole section under the door trim!

But, yes.  Every door has a second side.  And I had to cut this side off shorter, too.  Luckily, I knew what I was doing by this time and only used one saw and one method.  (The knuckle-scraping method.)

Baseboards had to be pried off on the other side, too.  And the far wall.  Then a last piece of flooring cut to fit to the corner.

First row of flooring done!!!  (If I was wonderful, I would have cut it to come out a little further in the doorway---but I decided that the carpet could come in further to the doorway and I hope it doesn't look stupid in the end.)

The second row of flooring went in like a charm!  Except for a little interference from Fritz.  Who always thinks that when I am down on the floor it is because I want to play with him.  He brought his squeaky ball and squeaked it in my face non-stop throughout this whole process.  He didn't understand when I told him that I really really HAD to get this job done.  At one point I yelled at him to "Just get out of my way!"  He gave me a look of such utter dejected-ness, I had to stop working and throw his ball for a while.  (Poor Dog.  Uprooted and moved across the country....away from his people who play with him wild.)

After the second row of flooring, I quit.  It was plenty enough to attach carpet to in the doorway.  And I had other jobs to do.  Like moving all of our furniture out of the master bedroom.  When we moved in, we had the movers leave most of our stuff in the garage.  But we needed something to sleep on and knew we didn't want to haul dressers up the stairs by ourselves.  So we had them carry all of that upstairs that first day. But now all of that had to be out of the way for the we found a way to make it work!

The tiled area in the master bath got filled up....dressers and box springs...and bed rails....

And the hallway bath got filled right up to the doorway!

But this is the beginning of the end!  After carpet today---we will be able to start moving in permanently!  No more living like animals!  We will be able to really unpack!  And really move in!  I'm so excited!

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