Monday, December 9, 2013

The Biggest Fabric Store in the World!!!

On Friday, I took a break from the endless work at the Money Pit and went on a fun shopping trip!  My daughter-in-law's family lives here in Minnesota and her mom and I went to a fun (and HUGE) fabric outlet store called SR Harris.


Aisle 19 alone, looked like this!!!  Rolls and rolls of decorator fabric.  All discounted heavily!

There were bolts of fabric and folded fabric as well.  Hundreds and thousands of different kinds of fabrics.  And trims.  And buttons.  Velvets, silks, and fleece.  Tye dyed, camoflage,  and leather.  Denim, calicos, and even artist's canvas.  It was endless and fantastic!

All housed in a giant warehouse!  My mind started reeling!  I wanted to buy cloth for every project I currently have...every project I will have in the future...and every project I ever even  thought about wanting to do!!!

But, calling myself back from the edge of fabric addiction---I decided to just look for one project.  Kitchen curtains.  My kitchen has always been blue and white and probably always will be.  I just love it!  And I wanted something sort of quaint to fill the space in our new Tudor-style home.

Two windows stand behind my kitchen sink.  And right now all they have is taped-on paper.

I looked high and low for some blue and white.  You know... just blue, and just white...mixed together nicely in some pattern on fabric.  I was dreaming of curtains like these:

Or something bold and fun like these!

Or just simple and colorful like these:

You would think in a warehouse that big, I would have had many options to choose from.  Surprisingly, this is all I could find:

But this is lovely!  I like the gradations of blue and white.  I love its nobbly texture

And kitchen curtains, it shall be!

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  1. Is Minnesota where they send all the fabric to die? That is fantastic! I don't even do projects and I would be tempted to buy all the fabric!!


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