Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Some People Shouldn't Own Dogs...and a Dose of Humility

I've shared a bit about the damage done to this house by the previous owners.....and their dogs.  I shared about how even Freddie Mac didn't think they could leave the carpet in the house before they sold it as a foreclosure---so it must have been AWFUL!  

Today, I think I will highlight the dog damage!  Here is a series of photos showing the damage to the doors.  Yes, both front and back of these (lovely solid wood) doors are damaged.  And no two photos are of the same surface.  

 Master Bedroom door--front

 Master Bedroom door--back

 Hall bathroom--front

 Hall bathroom--back

 Bedroom 2--front

 Bedroom 3--front  (No, I don't know what that red stuff is.  It looks like someone was trying to "scratch cover" with red crayon.)

 Bedroom 2--back

 Bedroom 3---back

 Laundry room---front  (dug a little deeper here--just around the doorknob)

 Laundry room---back

 Powder room-front....(and weirdly, NO damage at all on the backside!)


 And the worst damage of all...Office---back!!!

What were these people thinking?!?  Why not just choose one room to ruin?  Lock the dog IN and let him scratch only one door up?  Were they raising pit bulls and had one in each bedroom?  But then the scratches go so high on the doors, it must have been Great Danes!

They even let them ruin the screens on the sliding doors!

And I like to pretend that this center part is more "etched" glass on the front door---but it is really dog scratches!!  (Did the dogs have diamond-tipped claws?!?)

Just when I was thinking and saying the very worst, "SOME people should NEVER be allowed to have dogs!"  and "I would never let MY dog do a thing like that!!"

Well, that's when I found a little stinky present of humility.  Given to me by this sweet little creature.

Yes, a little poop offering on the BRAND NEW CARPET!  Ugh!!!

Just to keep me humble.

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