Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You'd Be Surprised What You Can Do!

Yesterday they installed the family room carpet!  It is wonderful!  Soft and warm and squishy under sore feet!

We will hopefully be keeping this carpet for years, so we ordered just what we wanted and got the very best pad for underneath!  (The living room and dining room will eventually be hardwood so we ordered cheaper carpet in there.)

I was worried it wouldn't match the fireplace brick, but it seems to blend in nicely!

And I forgot how nice climbing stairs could be with some padding under your feet!

They come back on Wednesday to finish out the carpeting!  Which means there is a LOT to do before they get here!  The most worrisome issue was a large spot of water damage in one of the bedrooms upstairs.

You can see it on the floor under the window in this picture.  We think the previous owners were very mad when they were getting foreclosed on and did several things to sabotage the house when they left.  One of them was to leave the windows open---causing a great deal of rain to come in.  Most of the rooms were okay--just water marks--but this particular room was so damaged, the subfloor needed replacing.  I called all the local carpenters that I could find.  They answered, with hammering sounds in the background, and all laughed at me!  "What?  No!  I couldn't POSSIBLY help you by THEN!!!"

So, you would be surprised what you can do when you have to do it yourself!

The subflooring in this house consists of 1/4" plywood with 3/4" particle board on top.  This was common in the 70s.  I think OSB has taken the place of particle board now.  It doesn't ruin as easily when wet.  But this particle board was swollen and so badly ruined it just fell apart in your fingers.  Scott started pulling it up with a crow bar.  We were glad to see the plywood underneath was still in good shape.  We measured out from the wall how far the damage reached and then how long the damage was.  1 1/2 ' X 6 '.  Then we went off to our favorite home store for some new flooring and a saw that could be set to only saw down 3/4".  Lucky us, a saw we could use was still on sale from Black Friday!

This pretty little number!  With a laser to help you cut straight!

We marked off the area to remove and then cut it right out!  Down the depth of the particle board, only!

Vacuumed up every last bit of that dissolved particle board!

I measured and marked where the heat vent should come out and Scott cut a new hole.  We had Home Depot cut the plywood to size out of two smaller pieces of plywood that they sell.  (No giant 4'x8' pieces needed--plus these 2 smaller pieces fit in the car to bring home.)

2nd piece in place!  A perfect fit!  Scott took one of the original nails with us to buy the right size nails at the store---so then we hammered it all down!  It looked so good, I had to walk back and forth across it--all firm and sturdy--and I felt very proud!

But we weren't done yet!  We had to reattach the baseboards!  And boy, was that a pain!  They had about 100 long nails in them!  That had to each be cut off with a Dremel tool!  Couldn't pound them out or pull them through---just had to be cut off.  But once done, Scott used the nailer to quickly nail the trim back up while I held it in place!

 New flooring!  All ready for carpet tomorrow!  Nice and sturdy and flat and smooth!

And we DID IT OURSELVES!!!  No carpenter needed!  No carpenter's high prices!  And they couldn't come in time, anyway!

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  1. Great job!!! So proud of you guys. Love reading your regular photo journal of the restoration.


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