Friday, January 10, 2014

More Christmas Presents at the Money Pit!

Pretty kitchen curtains were one Christmas present!  But there were others, too!

See this lovely wall in the dining room?  There's a hole in it. See it?  Up there above the black railing on the left?  It's a fist hole.  From someone very angry.  Perhaps because their house was getting foreclosed on.  Perhaps just because.

It was the same size as this fist hole in the bedroom.  A left-handed fist hole.

We had fixed the one in the bedroom, but the dining room one was just sitting there---waiting to be done!

But a very nice son-in-law decided to fix it!  Charlie's daddy, Ches, went to the store, bought some patching mesh, and came home and started patching the hole.....without even telling anyone!  Next time I walked past, the hole was patched!!!

He spent a good deal of time getting it just right.  Sanding and sanding until it was perfect and smooth!

He also found some other holes in that wall that need patching....

And another one on the other wall!  It was a wonderful present!  Now I can tape up and paint the living room!

But that wasn't all......

Remember the kitchen?  I took this photo to show the loose island counter top---but it turns out it is the only photo I have of my broken pantry door in the background on the right.  I wasn't sure there was ANYTHING we could do to fix it.  So I sort of left it out of every photo I took of the kitchen.  The trim on the bottom of it was ripped off.  The door didn't close anymore...always popped open like that....and had different hinges on it than the rest of the kitchen.  It had been overextended so the hinges wouldn't let it close all the way anymore.  But it was soon to be reformed!

In the basement, there had been some built in cabinets---before the mold remediation and all the moldy wallboard being ripped off.  Turns out those cabinetdoors had the same size trim on them as the kitchen cabinets!  But it wasn't the right length...and had to be ripped off from those old cabinets without splitting it.  We decided to sacrifice those doors for the sake of the kitchen.

 They used to cover this area in the basement---and that will need to be fixed again one day---but something else can be done there--wallboard it all up, put a brand new cabinet door, etc..  It's only a small part of the basement, but the kitchen would have to be totally replaced if we couldn't fix it.

Ches is the son of a cabinet-maker.  He knew what to do.  We carefully broke the trim off the door in the basement, cut it to size with perfectly mitered corners, and carefully glued it on to the bottom of kitchen pantry door.  We put clamps on it and let it dry.

You can barely tell that the trim was ever missing!  It is the perfect color!  The same shape!  And the perfect repair!

We also found matching hinges on that cabinet door in the basement!  But the holes they were originally supposed to go into were stripped out.  Probably why someone put new hinges on it at some point.  But the new hinges didn't match and were overextended, broken, and dumb looking.

Years ago, my grandfather showed me a way to deal with stripped out holes in wood.  It involves matches.

All you do is stick the soft wood end of the match into your stripped hole.  Touch a little wood glue onto it beforehand.  And then snap the match off flush with the surface of the wood.  If the hole is really stripped out, add 2 or 3 lengths of match into it.  Whatever fits to fill up the hole.  The soft wood of the match will easily push to the sides as you screw the screw back in.  It fills in all the extra space and holds the screw tight again!

The hinges now hold tight again!  Tight enough to hold a heavy pantry door.  And they match the rest of the kitchen.

The kitchen elves are now happy to sit above the pantry!  And the kitchen cabinets are saved!

Thanks SO much Ches!!!


  1. gnomes, elves, tomten, trolls, whatever.....they are happy and that's what matters!


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