Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thanks Mom!!! Beautiful Kitchen Curtains!

Happy New Year!  I took a break from blogging and house renovation over the holidays!  But a wonderful curtain-sewing fairy came to my house to visit for Christmas!

Here she is!  The lady who taught me to sew!  And the one person I trust to sew things better than me!  She offered to sew my blue and white cloth (that I bought at the biggest fabric store in the world!) into some lovely kitchen curtains!  And I said, "YES, I would LOVE it!"

First, we had to find the box in the garage that held my sewing machine....then find a desk to set it on....and finally find the box that had thread and pins and a measuring tape and all the other things needed!  Rachael helped with that.  We found that I didn't quite get enough cloth----so off to the biggest fabric store in the world we went--for a little more yardage!  Luckily, they still had some!

Then my mom set to work!  Measuring, cutting, sewing, hemming by hand.  Coming across problems, solving them.  And finally getting them all done!  I put up the curtain rods and then.....

Ta Da!!!  Beautiful blue and white!  All homey and quaint and pleasant!  Perfect for a Tudor kitchen!

Aren't they pretty?

They almost look like stained glass with the light filtering through their knobbly soft texture.

She put pleats in them and everything!

They hang so nicely--all folding up nice and tidy!

I just LOVE them!

Thanks SO much Mom!!!  What a wonderful Christmas present!

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