Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ghost Swans!

They came back!  Those Ghost Swans!  And I was finally able to steal their photograph!

Afraid they would fly away as soon as they saw me, I started snapping pictures as soon as I got out of the car.

As I walked closer to them, I knew I was still on land because there was a telephone pole.  Grass is not always an it grows up out of the marshes.  And since I'm deathly afraid of falling through the ice---I kept my distance.

But there they are!!! Seven beautiful Trumpeter Swans!

Trumpeter Swans are the heaviest bird native to North America and the largest living species of water fowl!  They are positively REGAL!

Canadian Geese are quite large---but you can see how dwarfed they look next to the swans!

I came up right next to the edge of the frozen lake.  But going any further was against my instincts.

This boat-heater-waterchurning thingy was making thin ice and I couldn't tell where that thin ice would begin and end.

I snapped a few more photos of the beautiful creatures....

Then I noticed that all the birds had turned to look in one direction.  Were they facing into the wind?  To keep from getting their feathers ruffled?  Or was it.....

THIS!!!  An ice fisherman---complete with truck and trailer zooming out onto the frozen lake!

The temperature was above freezing yesterday....but apparently the lake was still amazingly strong!

He drove clear out into the middle of the lake---way past the signs warning of thin ice---way past the swans and geese.  Stopped his big truck and trailer and set up camp!

I cannot get used to this.  Lakes frozen so solid that big trucks with trailers can safely drive over them.  It is the end of March---and just in case this fisherman was wrong---I quickly got in my car and drove away.  I didn't want to see him fall through the ice.  I didn't want to have to run out over the ice to try to save him.

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