Friday, March 28, 2014

One More Fix and DONE!

When last we left the Snack Bar Pancake Bar (as per my children's new input!) we had the appliances and flooring installed and nothing had fallen down.  But there was one more thing that needed fixing!

Part of the laminate counter top was missing.  Probably came loose at some point and was just ripped off.  But since we were bothering to make this kitchenette look all nice and tidy and since we didn't want to replace the counter top with expensive granite---at least not any time soon---it only made sense that we should try to fix it up and make it look better.

I thought about using some laminate from where we cut the hole bigger for the cook top.  But it wasn't wide enough.  I thought about using the laminate from the sides where the refrigerator goes, but it was too skinny on one side and too short on the other.  I thought about stealing laminate from the backsplash--but then I would need to tile the whole back wall.  I thought about getting out my oil paints and trying to paint it to match....

Then as happens when something is too difficult to figure out, I stopped thinking about it!!  And I began to think what I could do with this open space to the right of the refrigerator.  It is a very deep counter space and above it, it goes all the way up to the ceiling.  It seemed like wasted space and I wanted to figure out a way to make it useful.  A bookshelf?  Could I build one in there?

It is on the carpeted side of this kitchen area.  And lends itself well to being part of the family room more than part of the bar.  But I was worried that if I added even more weight to that one support that was holding up the top cabinets, it would be disastrous!

Enter...THE CUBE!

I looked all over the internet for bookshelves or cube storage that would have the right measurements to fill the space.  Lucky for me?  The winner was Ikea!  And we have an Ikea right here in Minneapolis!

It was finger and hand intensive to get them all assembled!  (Only 3 blisters!)

But when I was done, they filled the space PERFECTLY!  And I like playing the black color against the wood tones in the room!  The cook top and refrigerator had already added a touch of black.

Now, do you notice something missing?!?

That's right!!  In order for the cube storage to fit snug against the back wall---something needed to be removed!

And that something was JUST what I needed!!

With a little persuasion, the backsplash came right off!

I patched the holes....

Caulked the gap....and painted!

Then it was time to use my new found booty to make my other repair!  In order to pull laminate up, all you have to do is iron it!  (That's also all you have to do to stick it down!  If the contact cement is still there---a good ironing will stick it right back down again!)

After a bit of warming it up with the iron---the edge could be pried up.

Pretty soon I had a whole big piece pried off!

When it was long enough to cover my missing piece, I stopped and cut it off.

It would need trimming down to be exactly the right width...

and length!

I would need to cut the remaining laminate on the counter to be a straight edge...

Then heat it with the iron to remove the little broken bit.

Once I had a nice straight edge and a piece of the new laminate cut to just the right size, it was time to apply new contact adhesive to both sides.  What was left on the old pieces wasn't enough to stick it down with just ironing.

I used a spray-on kind.  It also comes in a tub where you paint it on.

The spray came out like spider webbing all over the back of the laminate piece!

I taped off and masked the area on the counter that would be getting the adhesive.

When the adhesive has dried to tacky---about 2 minutes---you put the two surfaces together and it is an instant hold!  With very little room for moving it.  After a bit of wrangling, I was able to get the replacement piece into place!

It isn't perfect---and there is still a line---but if you didn't know, you would never notice that anything was ever amiss!

Time to start filling the shelves with books and decorating a little!!!

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