Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swans are Introverts, Too!

We have SWANS on our lake!  Big Beautiful White Wild Swans!!!  But I have yet to get a photo of them.  Last night Scott and I bundled up and went out special with a camera to try and capture their beauty....

Right near the road there is a spot on the lake that has strange heater boats installed.  You can see it here--off in the distance by the trees.  The city or county came out in December and chipped a hole in the ice and installed 2 boat-like things that heat and move the water so that a small section of the lake remains unfrozen.  We think it has something to do with aerating the water so the fish are healthier.  But what it means in March is that the waterfowl, that have returned for Spring, have a place to land and swim!!  Yesterday morning, there were a few geese and 6 beautiful white swans!  I had hoped to see the swans again last night and get some photos of them.  Wild Swans!  How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, 10,000 geese had discovered our little bit of unfrozen lake---and the swans were gone.   (You can see one of the heater--boats off to the far right of this picture.)

Geese are fun, too.  So we took some photos of them.  They seemed very happy to have some water to swim in.  As far as I know, the only places that don't completely freeze over solid in the winter here are a few fast-moving sections of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers.  That, and these artificially unfrozen spots.

It felt more like we were at the Antarctic--taking photos of penguins---because the rest of the lake is still frozen hard and thick.  A truck was driving on it just 2 days ago.  And ice fisherman are still setting up their tents---though the ice-fishing RV's are all gone.  There's a law about that.  They must be hauled off by the beginning of March.

We decided to look at a 2nd lake across the road from our lake.  It has an unfrozen aeration spot, too.

Just in case we were foolish enough to want to walk out on the lake in this area, there was a helpful sign to warn us.  It is kind of tricky---where does land end and frozen lake begin?

We found lots of geese.

It was somewhat ethereal as the wind would blow--bringing wild swirls of snow into clouds across the frozen lake.

This didn't seem to bother the Penguins Geese at all.

We looked all over for a glimpse of the large white beautiful birds we had come for....but they weren't to be found.

 I've decided that Swans are introverts.  And they just couldn't handle the large crowd of honking geese.  A few geese friends hanging about was fine---but when it became a wild ruckus---they had to go find a quieter spot.  I can relate to that!

 Perhaps on another quiet morning, I will sneak out and try to take their picture.  But with the temperatures still dipping into single digits---I may not make it!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  Minnesota Winter is hard on the senses.  And it took it's toll on my energy and ability to share through blogging.  But we have done quite a few things on the house and I will be posting them soon!  And hopefully, if it ever really warms up--I will be taking more nature photos of the beautiful Minnesota countryside!

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