Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Wonders!

This last weekend was HEAVENLY!!!  The temperature soared up into the 60s!!  And that meant that life seemed livable again!

We finally got the desk set up in the office---the computer had been sitting on a wobbly folding table in the kitchen all these months.  But we found the hardware and put the big desk all back together again.  It was a bit like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again---and weirdly, we had 4 screws leftover....hopefully it won't all fall down!

With a little more work, we can make this room look nice!  We've never had an official "office" room before.  So that is kind of fun!  We probably should have painted and fixed the whole room before moving the desk in---but we needed to get things settled--and I quickly painted behind where the heavy furniture would sit and will paint around it soon!  Is it weird that I want to keep the 90's era wall paper border?

The weather was SO nice, we had to get some steaks and BBQ!  It felt positively brilliant to be doing something OUTSIDE!

Scott bought me lovely bright and happy flowers---that made it feel even more like Spring!

With our new energy boost from the warm weather, we got motivated and moved ALL the rest of the boxes and furniture out of the garage!  A lot to go through and put away!  But we are finally officially MOVED IN!

The sunset Sunday night was BEAUTIFUL!  There are still great heaps of snow in places where it drifted into deep piles, but grass is showing through all over the place!

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