Monday, April 7, 2014

Kudos Come in Strange Places!

Last week it finally warmed up enough to get outside and look around our property.

There was still some snow where the drifts have been quite high.  But grass could be seen all around!

I noticed that our gas meter was looking a little funny.

Where it was attached to the house, it appeared to be falling off.  Like the screws were only screwed into the vinyl siding, not something secure.

It had a definite LEAN to it, and that probably wasn't safe.

I was also smelling a slight smell of gas inside the house.  Where Scott had installed the gas cook top.

Under the cupboards when you would open them up to get a pan, I thought I could smell something.  Scott could never smell anything---but he tried to tighten things up for the sake of his worrywart wife!

There were a couple of different connections down there and though we had checked them thoroughly with the soapy substance they have for such a purpose, I was still afraid of this!

So with possible 2 gas issues, I called our gas company and they sent someone right out!

A nice man in an official truck came and checked the whole house thoroughly!  He told me the outside gas meter was fine and he pulled on it to show me just how sturdily attached it was.  He used his special gas sniffer tool to check for any leaks out there.  Then he came inside and used a gas sniffer to check under the cupboards.  At first he could find nothing---but dialing the meter down to it's most sensitive setting, he found an infinitesimally small leak!  I wasn't crazy---having olfactory hallucinations---after all!  He turned off the valve and gave us some advice for getting it fixed.  Then I  thanked him and started to show him out.

"Wait!" he said.  "I REMEMBER this house!  I was in charge of coming here to turn the gas off!"  He looked around and said, "Wow!  You guys have really improved the place!"  I asked him for a few more details about what it had looked like when the bank was foreclosing on it.  He said that he barely dared enter the house because it was so filled with trash and junk and gross carpets.  As I showed him out the front door, he stopped again.  "Did you guys replace the front door!?"  "No,"  I said proudly,  "I painted it!"  He looked at it carefully in disbelief and then said again, "You've really done a great job with this place!"

Kudos from the Gas Man!  I wouldn't have expected it!  But I'll take them however they come!

It made me feel so good to know that someone had seen the "before"--even the "the way before"--and was now admiring the "after!"  We still have a long ways to go, but these unexpected kudos will help us get there!

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