Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Redemption: The Living Room and Dining Room!

Do you remember our dining room wall that had a fist hole in it?  I always felt icky walking past it---knowing that someone had been so very angry that they smashed their fist through the wall.  There were actually 2 fist holes in this house when we moved in, and evidence of some other large wall patches that also may have had the same history.  It's nice to redeem a house from it's sordid past.  Redeeming people from their sordid past is great too---but that is God's work.

 This is how the dining room looked when we moved in.  Mustard and Maroon walls.  No carpeting.  A fist hole in the wall.  And a cheap wobbly black railing.

The living room wasn't much better.

Then we got carpeting and brought some of our furniture out of the garage!  It was starting to feel like a home....

But we still had paper taped up to the windows.  The wall color was not my style.  And no artwork.  Nothing said this was OUR home.

My Son-in-law came at Christmas and patched the fist hole in the wall!  That was a wonderful present!

It got me excited about painting the whole area!

A few more thousand patches to various holes, some sanding because it was semi-gloss paint---and I was ready to go!

But what color would I choose?!!?

If you know me, then you know....

Beautiful midnight/cobalt navy blue!  I LOVE blue!  (Ever seen my blog background?!)

Blue over maroon was actually a pretty easy thing!

Reaching up to the tall vaulted ceiling was not!  And touching up the maroon paint already splattered on the ceiling was additionally hard.

But I got it done!  I loved seeing some blue things peaking through from the kitchen to match!  But the mustard yellow walls would have to go, too.  A soft "parchment paper" white like we had used in the rest of the house was just the answer.

 This once Angry Wall is now a Happy Wall!  No more fist holes.  No more maroon color.  Bright crisp blue and white with a pretty china cabinet and a gallery wall of artwork!

Turn around and you have a welcoming living room.  Airy and open with blue velvet curtains!

Plants grow happily in the morning sunshine!

My Dad's painting of The Cows adorns the fireplace and makes me all happy inside!  It feels like MY house now.

What do you think?

Have we redeemed the space?

It sure feels nicer to me!


  1. Love it!! Looks so light and airy!!

  2. Mom. This is beautiful. You have truly out done yourself on this one. It even looks like home to me. This is beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much! And if I have made it feel like home to you, Rachael, I have succeeded indeed! Yay!


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