Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Money Pit has a DEEP, DARK, SECRET!

I may have failed to mention it before, but the Money Pit has an area that neither Scott nor I have dared to go!  It is deep.  It is dark.  And up until now, it has remained wholly SECRET!

But last night we decided to get truly brave and face that scary area---yea, even go into that area!  Would there be dead bodies there?!  Were there ghosts?  All we knew about it was that there was this dripping, dripping, dripping sound!!!  And weird hollow echoes!  It was enough to make strong men shake in their boots!

(Cue the scary booming music...)

That's right!!  You guessed it!  The deep, dark secret of the Money Pit is in fact, an ACTUAL money pit!  An in-ground swimming pool!

Freddie Mac had paid some contractor to completely cover the pool with a wooden cover before we bought the house.  2X8s and OSB boards.  I'm sure it was to avoid any lawsuit.  It was solid as a rock!....well....before winter came!

This side of the pool cover had no less that FIVE FEET of snow on it most of the winter!  And as that snow melted down--it soaked the OSB board...and we could see that the cover was beginning to sink down in one place.  We didn't want Fritz to just disappear into the endless abyss one day---so we decided it was time to take it off!  The snow that was still left AND the sagging OSB board.  I carefully shoveled off the remaining snow as Scott started removing the board.  And what did we find below it?  Well, first we discovered that the 5 feet of snow had snapped a sturdy 2X8 beam right in two!

Each OSB board was screwed down with little tiny screws from a pneumatic screw gun!  Being extra careful to walk only on top of where sturdy (unbroken) beams were, Scott carefully unscrewed the boards and we were able to lift them off!  We started a stack of them against the fence.  When we had enough off, we decided to go down in......(cue scary  music again!)  What did we find?  In that scary dark abyss?

Some not-so-scary stairs!  As we crept down them, our breath echoing against the dark walls.....

We found THIS!


No dead bodies!  No scary animals!  No ghosts!  Just a pool, partially filled with water and leaves.  And a one-time cool hot tub attached to the side.  Some weird bypass pipes were now inside the hot tub.

As well as a solid chunk of ice.  I thought it was rather humorous that the "hot" tub had solid ice in it---and the pool itself was totally melted water.  But such is the level of ground frost here in Minnesota.

There are some rather large cracks in the pool.  And who knows about the pump, etc.  We have no idea if it is redeemable at all!  But we will call a pool contractor and have them take a look at it.  Worst case, we pay someone to take it out or poke holes in the bottom and fill it with dirt to make a garden plot.  It will cost money whichever way we go---but we knew that when we bought the house.  So we've been saving some money back.

It would be nice if we could redeem it.  You could tell it was once a very nice pool.

And the thought of sitting in the hot tub getting all warm and toasty before diving back into a refreshing cool pool is very appealing!

 But we shall see.  Not all neglected and abused things can be reborn.  Some must be put to rest.

As the sun set, we were proud of our bravery in facing this last dark secret of our house!  It turned out to not be as bad as we feared.  And now that it has been "brought out in the open," we can deal with it!

Anyone else ever had a pool?  Ever redeem a neglected pool?

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