Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother Nature Comes to Life!!!

Things are progressing slowly at the Money Pit!  But Mother Nature is moving quickly!  Minnesota was cold and barren for the winter---but now that Spring is here---everything is alive and growing quickly!!!

Here are some of our nature experiences of the last few weeks!

We thought there were no dead bodies in the pool....but we were mistaken!  Our first creature noticed....was a dead frog!

We put a pump in the pool water and started to drain it out.  It was a MESS!  Lots toys and tools were buried under the leaves and muck.

Lots of TURTLES were buried under the leaves and muck, too!!!

We carried them down to the lake and let them go free in a better environment.

It's hard to see, (right in the middle of those leaves) but we found LIVE frogs in the bottom of the pool muck, too!

And digging deeper still?  We found turtle EGGS!

Fritz wasn't very interested in the turtles!

But WE WERE!  They were beautiful!!!

There were 4 in all---ranging from a great big one---to this little baby one!  The baby's belly was far more red and brilliant!  They are called "Northern Red-bellied Cooters!"

For obvious reasons!

Our biggest catch next to our smallest catch!  All happily living in the swimming pool---for how long?  We have no idea!  Certainly not just since the house was repossessed and sold to us.

Don't you just LOVE their stripes?  Mother Nature is an excellent artist!

Once the pool was empty---we felt kind of lonely for our nature fix of watching the turtles every day...

But we shouldn't have feared!  On a balcony just outside our master bedroom---two robins were building a home!

When they finished....they got busy.  1 little robin's egg!

Two little robin's eggs!

Three little robin's eggs!


Mamma sat on her nest...snug and warm...

 Until the babies were born!  I've never had such a perfect view of everything that goes on!  What a blessing!

Mrs. Robin got to work feeding them!  Mr. Robin helped, too!

For two days there were 3 little birds and a blue egg.  We thought it might be a dud.

But #4 was born!  And quickly made up for his smallness by crying for food the loudest!

All snuggled in together, they keep each other warm.

We had plans to scrape and paint this balcony---but apparently it is turning into a condominium!  Mr. and Mrs. Robin live on the top floor (upper left) and Mr. and Mrs. Swift have now built a home in the basement!

They don't bother with twigs and grass---their home is SOLID MUD!!! Apparently, they like their privacy---so we won't get a view of their business!  But swifts are fun to watch when they fly!  The only bird I know that likes to play!  Just riding the wind currents for no particular reason!  Swooping and curving and enjoying the fun! But when they all go away for the winter....who's gonna clean this up?!

We thought we were done with turtles when we put the last one from the pool down into the lake.....but apparently, we were not!  This teensy tiny creature was found crawling on the driveway!  Apparently, he took a wrong turn after hatching!

No bigger than Scott's thumb!  Tom Thumb...Turtle Thumb.  Or maybe it is Turtlumbelina?

But that is not all!  On cool quiet mornings---we find bunnies in the yard.

Yellow Warblers sing in the trees!

And baby squirrels scamper everywhere!

It is like a nature fairy has sprinkled magic dust down and Minnesota has COME TO LIFE!!!

We can't complain one bit!

I'll end with video of the baby robins getting fed!


  1. Wow Candelyn! I think you are in your element. Have you ever lived anywhere so tremendously full of nature's surprises? I am a bit jealous, but still couldn't hack the cold. Thank you for letting me live vicariously. I'm LOVING the robin postings....who knew?!

  2. Thanks Sue! It really is a nature wonderland! And maybe more appreciated after the intense winter! And I agree! Who knew robins could be so cool!


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